High Care Kids is an operational area that intends to increase the opportunities for those children with high care needs to participate in sport and recreation. By spending time with children and families, Ability Solutions are able to develop, implement and evaluate inclusive practices as well as support others to deliver sustainable long term services.  We often use modified activities and adaptive equipment to assist children with limited physical and/or cognitive abilities.




proudly supported by Telethon







Aim & Focus – The project focusses on High Care Kids in metropolitan and regional areas who are under 18 years of age and who are living with severe and/or multiple disabilities. Ability Solutions will work 1:1 or 1:2 with 8 metropolitan children and 12 regional children in settings such as home, foster care, schools, care agencies and hospital. Ability Solutions’ goal is to create new and innovative opportunities for children to realise their recreational and educational potential through participating in modified activities and using adaptive equipment.  The project focusses on specific individual needs, desires and skills of each child through personal consultation with the child and their relevant networks.


Implementation & Delivery – Where possible, Ability Solutions will use specialised technologies to achieve full participation in activities. The activities will be varied and follow the interests of the child involved. In previous year’s projects, work has included: story writing, art, photography, physical activity and play including remote control cars and Nerf activities – all instigated on varying levels by the child participating.


¨ ‘Getting to know you time’ with children, staff, teachers, nursing and families.


¨ ‘Exploration sessions’ with children to develop interests


¨ ‘Educational & demonstration sessions’ with children, families, volunteers and staff.


¨ ‘Starter activity sessions’ with children, families, volunteers & staff.


¨ Research, adaption, modification and trialling of equipment technologies.   E.g. switch adaption's to suit abilities)


¨ Establish sustainable activity options.


¨ Evaluation. We will involve all participants, staff and volunteers in an internal evaluation which will ensure that feedback is ongoing and able to influence project improvement.


The project involves regular contact with each child in various locations appropriate to their life and needs. Ability Solutions staff will develop a close working relationship with each child and their family through regular contact and mutual input into ideas where ever possible. With thanks to Telethon, Ability Solutions is very enthusiastic to be able to deliver these opportunities to children in both the metropolitan and regional areas of WA.