Aim & Focus – Ability Solutions prides itself in developing sustainable opportunities for people living with disability in various settings. This is outlined in the Fair Play Strategic Framework for inclusion of people with disabilities, in particular the “Inclusion Spectrum”.


- Open Activity - Modified Activity - Parallel Activity -

- Disabled Sport - Separate Activity Options -


As such, the process relating to modified activities and adaptive equipment is as follows;

¨ Analysis of group/situation

¨ Provision of advice/training/planning

¨ Provision of pack/revisit

¨ Advice on sustainability

¨ Provision of custom pack as appropriate

Equipment in Action – This equipment is used directly in our current projects including High Care Kids and Sand and Sea. Some examples include:


¨ A Helping Hand (examples)

à Flinger Range - 45°, 90°, wood, aqua, infra-red, radio, pull, touch release

à Chute Range - 50mm, 100mm, 250mm, 1/2 chute, lawn bowls, auto, radio


¨ Activity (examples)

à * Slope Score * Shape Score * Fun Target * Echo Box

à * Various Targets * Skittle Mania * Nerf Options
* Velcro  Activities


¨ Auto (examples)

à * Wand Switch * Universal Switch * Button Switch

à * Topple Target * Shape Score * Auto Nerf Stands


¨ Responders (examples)

à * Dancing Dog * Drumming Monkey * Footy Theme Songs
* Jumping Kanga

à * Bongo Palm Tree * Old McDonald Bear
* Clapping Chubby Checker

à * Radio * Fogger Machine* Bubble Machines * Light Displays


¨ Remotes (examples)

à * Joy-stick modified * Non modified

à * 4WD cars * Speed demons * Boats * Hovercrafts




The ‘Community Crusade’ catalogue is an online resource to provide information on participation options available from Ability Solution’s range of modified activities, adaptive equipment and community opportunities.

(download a copy)