‘Sand n Sea Fun Days’ will provide inclusive opportunities for children with severe and profound disabilities to experience new water-based beach-focused activities utilising modified and adaptive equipment and customised delivery, working in partnership with their schools, teaching staff, support workers and families to engage them with their peers in a sustainable activity day concept and advance the life experience of all of the students involved.




proudly supported by NGCS





Aim & Focus – This project aims to ‘bring the beach to the school’, targeting children with severe and profound disabilities, with a specific focus on those groups and individuals who either cannot generally access this specific water-based environment, or who are not engaged in suitable activities when placed in such environments. Having school-based aquatic activities also greatly reduces the regulatory paperwork required to be completed by educational staff when organising a water-based excursion.


Water has for a long time been used as a means of therapy for many children, particularly children with disabilities. Ability Solutions has identified and supports the on-going benefit for individuals to be engaged in water based activities and believes that with this project we can further target and engage children who are disadvantaged due to their disability and provide the opportunity for more children to have fun in a water-based environment. Children participating will be encouraged to make their own choices, promoting decision making and communication, in an inclusive environment supported by their peers and their own support networks.


The “Sand n Sea Fun Days” Project aims to bring a fun beach environment to the school in a series of 12 activity days, across 8 schools in the metropolitan region and 4 schools in regional areas. Students will be engaged in a variety of new innovative activities using modified equipment, including:

¨ Modified and adaptive aqua flingers

¨ Modified and air-switch adapted beach ball blowers

¨ Modified and adapted ball poppers

¨ Automated air-switch adapted waterfalls

¨ Air-switch adapted bubble machines

¨ Switch adapted and battery eliminated water pistols

¨ Switch-adapted aquarium

¨ Switch adapted sensory stand

¨ Multi-purpose air-switchboxes- to suit any switch-adapted responders


as well as standard off-the-shelf activities including:

¨ Variety of floating and sinking projectiles

¨ Touch pools

¨ Inflatable pools

¨ Sand castle making

¨ Sand treasure hunts

¨ Face painting

¨ Fishing games, to name but a few.


In a carnival type atmosphere, students will have the opportunity to engage in various activities usually only experienced at the beach.  All standard activities can be easily replicated by the school staff, along with modified and adaptive activities provided in customised equipment packs made available by Ability Solutions, thereby allowing the carnival to become regular and sustainable activity sessions on the school calendar, inclusive for all students. The loan pack can be made available for all students within the school, and will be updated as required in response to the development and changing needs of the students.



Implementation & Delivery – Ability Solutions staff will engage students, teachers, teacher assistants, support workers and families from the outset to ensure activity days are targeted at the interest and ability of each group’s needs and restrictions. Schools and dates will be selected taking into account the weather, so activity days will staggered accordingly.


Equipment packs will be customised for each school following the activity day, and will be based on evaluation from Ability Solutions staff plus feedback from the students’ and staff. Suitability of activities will be determined and packs will involve a combination of both innovative and standard equipment.